Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need supportive services?  Isn't there already money for that?

Providing supportive services for folks who have unstable housing or are entirely unhoused helps get people into healthier safer homes.  We should assist people in enrolling in existing services; but also many services are lacking and we need to provide more if we expect our community to grow stronger.

Trying to lift yourself out of poverty is a daunting task.  Providing even a little support goes a long way in picking those people up.

Why now?

The Grand Rapids housing market has been climbing steadily for years--more than ten percent just in the past twelve months in fact.  The rising rents and gentrification have pushed many people out of their homes and their communities.  We need to act now to provide permanently affordable housing or else risk pushing thousands more people into homelessness.

Does "more funding" mean raising taxes?

There is money in the GR city budget which could be reallocated for housing.   There are also ways to increase funding at the local level which could increase property taxes.  At the state or federal level taxes could be raised on corporations to provide funding.

Note: Folks who cannot afford property taxes can apply for an exemption through the city of Grand Rapids.  Here is more information on how to apply.

More questions?